Landscaping & Facility Management Services in Kuwait

Looking for Landscaping and Facility Management services in Kuwait. ARMOR Services provides the best Landscape Designing, Planning, Maintenance and Management services. In Facility Management services, Armor provides soft and Hard Facility management services.


ARMOR provides Landscaping services in Kuwait. We provide exceptional landscaping services to a wide range of commercial and residential properties for years. We provide the best in industry standards services in landscaping Planning, design, management, maintenance. And also we monitor functional layouts of the built environment in private and public open spaces, parks, gardens, plazas, housing developments, commercial industrial and educational complexes, sports grounds and recreation areas and many more. 

At Armor services, we have specialized engineers and experienced professionals in the field of landscaping who visit your site and inspect the soil, surface, water, and drainage to deliver the landscaping services by meeting your requirements. Design your landscape with armor for the best designing, maintenance and management.

Facility Management

Facility management is the effective delivery of supportive services to an organization. Armor provides Facility management services in Kuwait. We provide the facility management hard services like planning, designing, workplace, construction, lease, occupancy, and maintenance. And the facility management soft services in Kuwait like Cleaning, Accounting, Marketing, Hospitality
Armor services operate on the business functions by helping clients, customers and end users understand the potential impact of their decisions on the provision of space, services, cost, and business risk. We ensure a corporate and cost-effective environment for the organizations to function.

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