ARMOR is providing a Specialised Security Services in all key areas, protecting a wide range of businesses and organisations in both Governmental & Private sectors. We are using the latest programmes and technology in securing our sites with an experienced security guards and supervisors.

ARMOR will use the latest procedures & Technologies in implementing our professional security services. First, by using an advanced proposing techniques and last, by using a strong reporting systems that makes you aware of all details

• Static Guarding
• Gate Duties
• Patrols
• Security Screening
• Control Room Operating
• CCTV Control
• Executive Escorts
• Concierge & Customer Service
• Systems Management
• Special Events
• Emergency Response
• Loss Prevention
• Traffic Control
• Data & Log Entry
• Gate Cashier
• Valet Parking


ARMOR specialised this division to provide your organisation the full support on ground and undertake our part of the mission “Success “of yours. Several key services modules apply throughout our Supportive Services Division using such a unique equipments and people in implementing your organisation scope of work.
Our Transportation Services will cover any area of your concern within Kuwait, where your staff will travel comfortably using a brand new Buses & Coasters.

All these supportive staff is highly trained to implement your organisation scope of work and backed up with special tools and machinery wherever needed.

• General Helpers
• Cleaners
• Messengers
• Fuel Fillers
• Drivers
• Mini Buses
• Light & Heavy Labours
• Kitchen Helpers
•  Cashiers
•  Car Wash Helpers
•  Baggers & Trolley Helpers
•  Coasters


ARMOR through this division can completely design and install a full security system would suite your organisation from a small office to a multi branches firm. Our Consultants will assure an ultimate delivery of such security and office equipments and accessories.
In addition, ARMOR design and maintain various softwares from simple time attendance software to deeply customised software requested by your organisation. Our Expert engineers and consultants will assure that all your needs are fulfilled.

• Access Control
• Intercom Systems
• Tracking Systems
• Patrolling Systems
•  Alarm Systems
• Gate Systems
•  Finger Print Systems
•  Screen Systems
•  Maintenance Contracts
• Fleet Management Systems
• ID Card Printer’s Softwares
• Costume Made Softwares
• All kind of printers
• Scanners
•  OCR Softwares
• Time Attendance Softwares
•  Card Printing
•  Faxes
•  Business card scanners

ARMOR presented this division to supply Oil & Gas sector with all manpower and equipments supplies where all projects to be maintained in a safe and appropriate OHS highly standards

A wide range of all categories available to serve any kind of project anywhere and listed with a huge experience using deeply picked professional engineers.

All these supportive staff is highly trained to implement your organisation scope of work and backed up with special tools and machinery wherever needed.

• Electrical
• Mechanical
• Civil
• Instrument
• Construction Projects
• Tank Commissioning
•  Tank Pre-Commissioning
•  Industrial Heavy Equipments

We started serving our customers since 2009 with care and professionalism. You can leave the parking for us, no matter where your place of business or your occasion is.
ARMOR drivers and traffic controllers will assure that your vehicle will always be in good hands with guaranteed safe procedure that you will trust.
We will tailor a system that suites your company or institute, using an experienced drivers insured with an insurance policy up to KD 500,000.
We treat each place to be unique using different methods of systems and technologies to reach our customers satisfaction.